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~ One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. ~


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Instructions To the Students

  • Don't rag the students.

  • Come to the college in formal dress.

  • Wear the ID cards.

  • Mobiles are not allowed in to the college.

  • Maintain the college timings.

  • Be regular to the college.

  • Get the permission from your HOD to leave the college.

  • Save the Water and The Power.

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Curiosity Rover On Mars Animation  Video

One Of Our Institution Students Developed An Airplane Model.


An Inspirational Video

Inside Hard Disk

Inside the CPU

Apple G5 Super Computer

Pensort Instrument

World's First GOLD ATM (Dispenses Gold) at Emirates Palace


BUS system in Computer

Sony New Technology

Inside The Mouse

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